Friday, April 5, 2013

Life, and a poem

Hello friends! This is Caraline. Good GRIEF. I have been sooooo busy lately, and I know I can say the same for Bailey. Thankfully, we have less than 5 weeks left of school. Unfortunately, it only gets harder starting now as we begin studying for finals, preparing for our debate, and finishing up various projects and presentations. Thankfully, I've had a few short but helpful breaks lately from school. For example, I got to go see see the Host with my Dad last night! I've been listening to the book by Stephanie Meyers, who is also the author of the Twilight Saga. (I'm not into those at all, but the Host was AMAZING!) I was really excited about the movie, and it was pretty good except for the excessive kissing scenes. (MAN, THERE WERE LIKE 20!!!) My family went to an Astros game a few days ago together. (Yes, we were spanked by the Rangers.) Last week we got to go to a David Phelps concert! That was really fun; I love listening to David Phelps. I also have started assistant coaching a volleyball team, which is awesome. Between church volleyball, practices for my team, and Spikesport, I've been playing volleyball almost 5 times a week! It is so great, I really enjoy it, but yes.... my life is really full right now! I can't WAIT for summer when I can actually have some free reading time, and time to just relax... I am SO ready.

Anyway, I wanted to share a poem with you that we had to write for school! Tell me what you think. ;) Maybe Bailey Bo will post her poem too! Here's mine: it's called A Trip to the Beach. Enjoy!

 The day was warm and bright,
the girl jumped out of the car and into the light
She couldn’t suppress a smile,
one that was wider than the river Nile

She kicked off her flip-flops, sprinted towards the soft sand,
grabbed a handful, and gradually let it fall through her hand.
She started a small seashell collection,
And her Grandmother helped her make sand castles to perfection

Next her eyes shifted to the deep, blue water
But before she could move, a voice called for his granddaughter
She hurried back, was smothered with sticky sun-tan lotion,
Then she turned and ran again towards the beautiful, foaming ocean.

First went her toe, then came the rest of her
Feelings of bliss swarmed through her mind in a blur
Holding her breath, she closed her eyes and dove under
but when she submerged, she frowned at the sound of thunder.

The child’s eyes filled with tears,
as she looked up, and the dark clouds confirmed her fears.
 Pretending she heard nothing, she continued to play,
but her Grandmother ran over, and said “I’m afraid that’s all for today!”

She solemnly made her way back to shore,
Grandfather sighed, and said “I wish you could’ve played more.”
As she dried off, and was about to step into the car,
she heard a familiar noise coming from afar

Her Grandfather smiled and gave her a dollar,
the young child laughed, and felt three feet taller.
Running towards the music, which grew louder with every stride,
she spotted the ice-cream truck, but got ran over and she died.

Yeah. Mmhmm. :) I actually hadn't intended for it to end like that, but I seriously couldn't think of anything to put at the end (and it had to rhyme with stride) so I just decided to surprise everyone. Anyway, I need to get back to my books! Have a great week! ♥


  1. Hey I found your blog!! (with a little help from Caraline :) Is there somewhere I can follow??

    Madison :)

  2. Holy Cow! That is hilarious! It twas' a great poem...and I literally LOLed at the ice cream part...

    1. Haha, thanks Madison! It's hard for Bai and I to get together and change our settings if you know what I mean, but when we have a chance we will try to make a place for followers! Thanks for checking out our blog

    2. Anytime :) I am as much of a blog reader as I am blog writer!

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