Friday, May 10, 2013

Weird... but Hilarious

Hi guys! Bailey and I are finally done with school, and I honestly don't know what to do with myself! It is an awesome feeling. Be looking for a post coming soon with pictures from this school year!

So I'm not sure if you know yet, but Bailey and I are pretty weird, and we do some pretty weird things. (If you've known us for a while, you understand.) (And if you don't, you will find out soon enough.) Well, one of the weird things that Bailey and I like to do involves picking a random book, flipping to random sentences, and writing them down until we have a long, strange, random dialogue. It is tons of fun. I wanted to share one with you guys that I found when cleaning out my computer files that I think is pretty hilarious. We used one of my little brother's books. Here is the result:

Stacy unwrapped another object and Jason came running. “How old are the kids now?” yelled Jason. “It’s too late for that. Abbey’s the club president,” said Deedee. A heavy box of green soldiers came next. “We help, yes?” Shawn said. “What can it be?” Abbey said. Something huge was in the mudhole. “Well I’m not quitting.” Carly asked Deedee to come back too. Would his great idea fall flat? 
The garden hose cleaned things right up. Suddenly Dunkum’s fingers touched something slimy. Dunkum thought, “Am I in trouble?” “What’s weird about an old book?” Abbey asked. He was a little disappointed because he was hoping for the real thing. Mr. Whiskers kept hissing at Croaker.  “Sorry!” Richard said, holding his stomach. This is what happened. My face got hot. “Hey, snail slime!” he said. I pulled my gaze away from the Eye. On the back of Craig’s note I wrote, “hi”. Craig grabbed his throat and made fake choking noises. Just then, Richard Jensen cruised by with two of his friends. He said, “Not bad, for a little nerd.” That means she loved it. “What if he cries or needs changing or something?” “Wow!” Teresa said. Mistake!  Mom smiled but shook her head. “No, Jeffery." One plate. 

Yeah! You should try it sometime- it's really fun. :) Haha


  1. That's actually two different books - the first is a Cul-de-sac Kids book and the second one (which starts at "Sorry!")is like a mystery book....