Wednesday, September 11, 2013

20 Random Facts About Me

Hey, Caraline here! Bailey made a post a really long time ago titled "20 random facts about me", and I never wrote my 20 random facts! So here we go....

1. My favorite animals are wolves
2. My favorite color is mint 
3. I really love God's creation 
4. I love watching movies
5. I'm a soprano 
6. I'm the oldest of 4
7. I listen to music all the time
8. I play volleyball
9. I love Proverbs
10. My favorite subject is Fine Arts
11. I love reading
12. I absolutely love rainy days & storms
13. I have a big, sweet, furry German Shephard/Chow Chow 
14. My Dad is a pastor
15. I love the aggies
16. I love Sherlock
17. My favorite Avenger is Thor
18. I've been to Public School and Private School, but have been homeschooled most of my life
19. I enjoy popping toes and fingers (my own, and others ;)
20. Math drives me crazy
Yep! You'll have to wait till next time for more random facts about Bailey and I! Hope you enjoyed it, and learned a thing or two about us crazy gals. ;)

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